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Your best civilian sporting ammunition.

I make things that I would like to own and then other people buy them.


Civilian legal, sporting, multipurpose capable munitions.

Finally, you can buy something that isn't M855. M2AP has long been depleted, and is an 80 year old design. There is much to be desired with M855. Buy projectiles here that can do better.

Out projectiles have no iron, bronze, brass, tungsten, beryllium copper, depleted uranium, or Teflon, making them legal from 18 USC 921(a)(17).

We are a small business just starting to make ammunition. We couldn't afford to make a lot of ammo, or make them in different calibers. They will be available in the future.

Contact us about any questions. Importing to other nations, custom caliber orders, or if you want to load and sell our projectiles, contact us via email or the in-site chat.